Rediscover your world

A new way to experience storytelling

Imagine having the greatest storytellers always at hand, ready to throw you into riveting tales of the world around you, wherever you are.

This is Xplories.

Story driven city exploration

Experience new cities with a captivating, all-knowing guide, always by your side. Leading you through thrilling stories or fact focused learning.

Or have your heroes encompass you through their own stories and neighborhoods.


Treasure hunt learning

Tending to already established mobile behaviors of younger generations, Xplories will tell tales and adventures with built in tasks that have to be solved to drive the story forward.

You will have to learn along the way
to get rewards and reach the story’s culmination.

Side-by-side exploration

Experience so much more as a
family with our fun child stories,
synchronized with your own guides.

While you are following in Monet’s
early impressionist footprints through Paris, they will solve the thrilling mystery of “The stolen paintings”.

Live the mystery

Subscribe to mystery and fiction novels where you live out and drive stories forward by interacting in real time.

Join us in rediscovering story telling

It´s all about the Team

Susanne Pollack


Philip Wissa


Lasse Zernell

Chief Editor

Peter Törnquist

Business development

Patrik Airosto

Head Producer

Thabo Motsieloa

Crime and Sport

Ben Mercedes


Malin Jansson

Advisor Sports

Anders Arpteg

Advisor IT and AI

Tommy Ingemarsson

Head of E-Sports

Magnus Edenmark

Senior Advisor

Jonas Törnquist

Advisor Sales and Marketing

Raymond Björling

Category Music

Eva Callenbo Motsieloa

Editor Writer Producer

Victor Millen

Advisor French tourism

Agnieszka Walter

Head of HR

David Edenmark


David Sarden


Felix Oppenheim

Advisor Adventure

Lars-Åker Fröjd

Head of Motorsport

Anna Björnberg

Voice coach

Michael Thydell

Architecture and History

Per Carlen

Advisor Sports

Johan Björklund


Mattias Wikman



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