E-sport champion joins the team

One of the most successful and perhaps most famous people in the E-sports world, Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson has joined the company, both as an investor but also to be a strategically important part of our gamification work. Tommy has 10 consecutive World Cup titles in the game CS (Counter Strike). You can read more about Tommy on the link below. A warm welcome Tommy to our happy and creative team.

Senior Editor

We have engaged a senior editor with a background from several Swedish science magazines. This is an important piece of the puzzle for us as we constantly strive to deliver a high quality service. 

Done! First version of the Xplories is ready!

Today we are like children on christmas morning, the first MVP of Xplories is ready for us! Of course it´s a huge milestone for us with all the work that has been done from all the teams. The app is not dowloadable yet for others then invited and we do understand that it´s hard work to get all in place. We are now able to show others what and how our guided story tours will be like and how the app will be in the hands of a user.