We have further strengthened our team with two people.

First out is the opera singer Raymond Björling. With his long experience and extensive network in the music community, Raymond will
be a great asset to us in the category of music and especially opera.

Raymond has a long and successful career with, among other things, more than 900 performances of The Phantom of the Opera at the Oscar Theater in Stockholm.

In addition to an amazing opera voice, he is also a great rock singer. Raymond is the grandson of the opera legend and one of the world’s greatest opera singers / tenors, Jussi Björling.

The next exciting collaboration is with Anna Björnberg. Anna is active as a singing and voice coach and has over 40 years of experience as a singer and is classically trained in rock.

Anna has, among other things, won competitions in barbershop, been a theater primadonna, performed in musicals, been a choir singer, toured around Europe and performed on TV. Anna will bring a lot of experience and knowledge and we look forward to working together.

Content team

We have engaged several people with backgrounds as radio hosts and with extensive experience from recording podcasts, audiobooks and production of stories. Since this collaboration also markets and favors them, this will give us high quality production as well as production at a very reasonable cost.