Hello 2020!

A new year is here – a year full of new goals and opportunities. In 2019, a lot of exciting things happened and we went from milestone to milestone at full speed, and we will not slow down, rather the opposite.
2020 will start with more meetings with investors to ensure that we can keep up the pace. As you have seen, we are continuously strengthening our team with many interesting and competent people who are now building exciting content in Xplories. The technology development continues and we expect to have the next version of Xplories ready by the end of March.
During the year, we will also start a large number of new important collaborations, which we will tell you more about later. We have also been invited to a number of events in Sweden where they want to use the app in different contexts. We will tell you more about this in upcoming newsletters.
Keep your eyes and ears open – 2020 will be a memorable year!
Team Xplories!

Merry Christmas

During 1,700 years of storytelling, a slightly overweight and bearded superhero dressed in red has emerged. Year after year, he defies the forces of nature to bring joy to children around the world.

Santa Claus lives far up in the north, that is a well known fact, but the exact location is still unclear. In most English speaking countries, the North Pole is the place. In Finland they try to make us believe that he lives on the mountain of Korvatunturi in the Finnish part of Lapland, but in order to attract tourists they have fraudulently built a Santa Park in the more easily accessible Rovaniemi.

The Danes claim that he lives in Greenland but they have not yet built any Julemande park in Uummannaq. It is even rumored that his post office in Nuuk has gone bankrupt. To meet the claim from Finland, Sweden has tried without much success to establish Tomteland in the town of Mora.

In large parts of the world, there is great confusion both about the Santa’s person, his place of residence and when he comes. In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas comes by steamboat from Spain as early as November to hand out the presents on December 5. Similar misconceptions can be found in Eastern Europe where Grandpa Frost hands out the presents on New Year’s Eve. We have to thank the Finns for trying to find out how it really works.

Since we are a growing population the workload increases for Santa, it is not unlikely that he is looking for a place that, from a logistical point of view, is more suitable than Finnish Lapland. More specifically, he has only 34 microseconds for each stop. And he has to travel at a speed of 60,000 km/min between the stops. According to Swedish engineers who addressed the problem, the ideal place would be a remote mountain in Kyrgyzstan. So far there has been no claims on Santa Claus from there.

Welcome to Xplories, Thabo Motsieloa!

Many of you in Scandinavia probably recognise Thabo Motsieloa as the host of TV shows such as Black or White, Cold Case Sweden, Drevet and the Crime Center on Expressen-TV. Thabo will now join our team and be responsible for Xplories exciting crime stories. His knowledge and many years of work on the subject will be a great asset for us when telling the riveting stories of historical and modern atrocities.

Thabo is a multifaceted person who has also devoted himself to acting, martial arts, being a moderator, sports commentator and a lot more. It is a great pleasure for us to welcome him to Xplories.