Vision New Sweden : Xplories the digital solution to political challenges

Sweden, as a part of the global change, faces incredible and severe challenges, in
terms of economy, migration, education, healthcare, environment, and tourism. The
government, as well as opposition parties and municipalities, strive to create and
carry out effective political programs and actions to reach goals to make Sweden a
better country to live and work.
The challenges are huge and multi-facetted. One difficulty is how to reach, inspire,
inform, educate and influence so many different and diverse target groups, in a large
number of languages, to take part in societal and individual transformation.
Xplories story telling digital platform provides a solid and effective solution to those
challenges, and to any politically based influential or educational concept. In short,
The Xplories New Sweden vision can be the tool and digital platform to fulfil political
goals within three challenge areas, Healthcare, Integration, and
The digital platform is developed with built-in story telling and communication in any
language, geographical gps guidance, Augmented Reality providing for modern and
pedagogical education and learning, inspiration and activity-based tolls, and
interactive technology.

Xplories breaks new digital marketing grounds

The Xplories app and digital marketing concept was founded to offer destination visitors a live story guide in their own language. It’s a storytelling GPS and a guidebook partner, offering audio based excitement, new insights and knowledge when taking a walk in a new, unfamiliar or place of interest surrounding.

At the same time Xploris is developed as a commercial concept, Xplories opens up completely new and unlimited possibilities of digital marketing opportunities, utilizing high-tech solutions such as augmented reality.

"Storytelling is not an option anymore, it is who you are" Geoff Andrews CEO Worldhotels.

Hotels need to become better at storytelling, partly for their own staff but primarily to enhance the guest experience. With Xplories we give the staff an opportunity to provide increased guest service by recommending walks and stories that are available in Xplories.
Tourism is increasing worldwide and the establishment of new hotels is moving fast, so it is vital for the hotels to provide the best possible service. With Xplories, they give the guest an opportunity to be more active, find local “gold spots” and take advantage of local offers directly in the app. For the hotel, the guest is an important influencer as most people communicate on social media where they recommend you or give bad reviews. The importance of this cannot be underestimated by the hotels. Since the guest gives an assessment of their experience on social media, it affects the hotel’s ranking and room price.